Your Story. Your Identity

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If you’re like many in their 3rd Quarter of life, you struggle with a sense of your own identity. You’ve spent the past 20+ years building your family, your career, your financial stability. But all that is built, and you’re wondering what’s next.

My guest has an answer for you: Learn to tell your story.

It’s in telling your story that you can reconnect with who you are. Armed with this awareness, you can have a greater 4th Quarter of life because you can integrate your story into an alignment that comes alive!

Kim I. Plyler is a US Navy Veteran; the CEO of Sahl Communications Inc. (a creative communications and public relations firm based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania); she owns and operates Arete Gallery, a community art gallery in New Hope, PA.; and is a public speaker and creator of the “Master Your Story, It Matters!” programming.

Kim uses her platform to encourage individuals and brands to find their stories and to share those stories.

Whether she is using the success story of a technology company or getting out in front of a story before a crisis arises, she believes every person’s story can help change the world. You just need to be comfortable in your vulnerabilities and be able to see the beauty in humanity.

Kim is a storyteller at heart; from her education in theater to her speech writing for admirals in the United States Navy, she has traveled the world and heard stories from all different cultures. People feel comfortable opening up to her and sharing their experiences.

She has the perfect mix of empathy, humor, self-humility, and compassion. Her ability to coach and find the best angles results in an uplifting, motivating, and compassionate experience. By tapping into her personal experiences, she empowers you to find your inner story and reach greater heights.

She is a member of the Forbes Agency Council, Professional Services Council, International Association of Business Communicators, and the Public Relations Society of America.

You can find Kim at :
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and https://www.AreteGallery.com

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