Zoltan Powell: Life of a Romanian Orphan

This episode addresses two questions that are intriguing. 1) How does one overcome the first 9 years in a Romanian orphanage—a horrific experience and 2) then what was the drive to personally make a difference in the world.  At the young age of 29 and author of Tabula Rasa: Beyond a Place Called There…Zoltan Powell is that powerful young man.

Show Notes:

  • Describing his life growing up in a Romanian orphanage, the history of why and how 500,000 children were abandoned.
  • How he came to America, taught himself English, was adopted and then abandoned.
  • His boarding school years where he went from a defiant kid to the Student Council President in just a matter of a few years.
  • His only two options.
  • Homeless, no parents, no place to go, no place to live.
  • A story of survival, struggle, acceptance, rejection, Zoltan Powell offers his story in Tabula Rasa: A Place Called There…



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