Zombies are Invading Our Investments

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You won’t find this topic addressed anywhere else but in Ken’s show…The invasion of zombies into our investments and financial lives. While it sounds silly, it’s actually happening at record levels, and you’d better know what to do about it. Using some very informative graphics, Ken shows where and how zombies will impact us more and more as the economy rolls deeper into recession, and how to minimize their impact on our net worth. Finally, he suggests what actions steps to take RIGHT NOW to avoid their dire effects. 

Please feel free to share this information with those you love so they won’t be impacted by the Zombie Apocalypse that’s creeping up on most of us in 2023!

Here are the carts to follow along:

Chart 1: Zombie Companies

Chart 2: Zombie Agencies

Chart 3: Zombie Bonds

Chart 4: Zombie Houses

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