12 Things They Wanted to teach You in High School But Couldn’t with Robert Anderson Jr.

Adam Torres and Robert Anderson Jr discuss Robert’s new book.

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Show Notes:

New book alert! In this episode,  Adam Torres and Robert Anderson Jr., Founder of Win By Design, explore Robert’s upcoming book.

About Robert Anderson Jr

Rob is devoted to: helping administrators and the student body bring certainty back to education. Rob has a long list of credentials including:

-15 Years Experience As a Middle and Elementary School Classroom Teacher
-15 Years Experience Training High School and College Aged Students
-MS Science Edu. 
-Certified C.O.P.E Health Coach
-Certified CSAC Strength and Agility Coach
-Certified CSNC Sports Nutrition 
-BA Sociology and Psychology
-A Series of Awards and Accolades including

2015 New York State Lacrosse Coach of the Year Head of Lacrosse Operations for Malibu, CA, -Spoken at Numerous Universities across the United States. Rob began his career as an athletic performance coach helping athletes improve their physical and mental health. Over the years, Rob has expanded his efforts and has developed a series of training modules, courses, and programs that help students, school administrators, teachers and faculty members define ‘why’ an inclusive community (not solely focused on race) can alter the focus of the student body, there town, and ultimately the nation.

Rob’s premiere program ‘Win by Design’ The 12 Things They Wanted To Teach You In School Summit… has been delivering massive value to students, athletes, community members for nearly 20 years. It does this by providing a full program focused on The 12 Things…. highlighted in his BOOK 📚. The 12 Things Summit… focuses on how to create personal empowerment through goal setting, learn how to develop and foster relationships, how to feel more significant and create a life in alignment with your talents and values. Participants will learn how 600 years of racism is still impacting the black community, how to maximize your health.

Students with a stronger sense of self, will have less hate for people.

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