Business Owner S.O.S.

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Are you an optimistic entrepreneur, and you haven’t found your niche in whatever you wanted to do, so you’ve been testing things out? 

Is this something that you need to level up in your business? 

Is this going to actually save you money? 

Join your hostess Le’Keisha Mazur as she talks about Business owner S.O.S.

This episode focuses on business owners that are looking for something to fill the gap in their business, as well as those optimistic entrepreneurs that just haven’t found their thing.

Sometimes, the latest and greatest. Games, gimmicks, and sauces can distract you from the true goal.

3 points of a lifeline being thrown to help the business owners and the optimistic entrepreneurs to help them out of their distress.

This includes examples of how these s.o.s. Come in disguise. Do not be fooled; this is an episode to save and break free from s.o.s. Through awareness and taking action, so no money goes down the toilet.

So thank you for listening and the audience; here is her call to action. Subscribe to the show. She repeats. Subscribe to the show.

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And she looks forward to bringing you more “Overlooked Business Basics”.

“Because once it’s revealed, it cannot be concealed”. Until next time, she’s your hostess Le’Keisha Mazur. Have a great day!

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