Business Payment Basics

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How long does it take you to cash a check?

What is the difference between a trial offer vs a payment plan when it comes to the best way to offer your product or service to a customer/ client right now?

What is your favorite way to keep track of how your business earns revenue?

Join your hostess Le’Keisha Mazur as she talks about Business Payment Basics.

Learn the 5 points that make the business payment system work for your business so you can scale and grow by getting paid.

No more missed opportunities to get the product to the people when they need it the most.

How you get paid and how you keep your business coffer full matters; otherwise, why are you in business?

Take copious notes on some of the exposures on how businesses get your money and how to copy them the correct way with full disclosure to your customers.

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and she looks forward to bringing you more “Overlooked Business Basics”.

“Because once it’s revealed, it cannot be concealed”. Until next time, she’s your hostess Le’Keisha Mazur. Have a great day!

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