Companies Can Do More Good with Susan Otten

Adam Torres and Susan Otten discuss scaling businesses.

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Show Notes:

Entrepreneurs are constantly striving for ways to improve but don’t always know where to turn for help. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Susan Otten, MBA, ABC, CEO and Founder at Indie Do Good, explore how Indie Do Good is helping entrepreneurs thrive.

About Indie Do Good

Indie Do Good is the proud home of maker stories.  The dotcom home of makers, independent entrepreneurs who are driven. Driven with a purpose. A place where every purchase comes with a do good, a donation to your favorite charity.  

The Makers Movement is real and it is here. This is where you will find their stories and their products. Their Founders, Ron and Susan Otten, had successful corporate careers and are now successful entrepreneurs and makers.   

What drives them is their passion for two things:

– Providing an environment for other entrepreneurs to begin their story.

– Giving back to charities and local communities, contributing to a better world. 

Their vision is now a reality – Creating a uniquely positioned channel and community for makers and their fans who support them. 

Based in greater Minneapolis, MN, Indie Do Good was founded by Ron and Susan Otten with the intent to enable entrepreneurs and create a nurturing environment to grow, front-end and back-end services. Their vision is now a reality, creating a uniquely positioned channel and community for makers and their fans who support them.

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