Courtney Green: A complex Path to Self-Empowerment

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Mind/Body optimizer Courtney Green defies all norms. She talks with Host Jason Shupp about self-empowerment, the downside of expected outcomes, and the importance of knowing what is right for yourself. Courtney breaks down the Flow state and the opportunities it allows for.

A pioneer in optimizing higher intelligence, Courtney Green, CEO, Owner of Spark Consulting, guides leaders who uplift people and the planet. Her career started as an environmental grant manager. Then 911 inspired her to serve on active duty in the Army and the Air Force Reserves in mental health before moving on as an attorney to mediate conflict in the workplace.  

Mediation led her to work at an energy company focused on renewables, where she excelled at guiding leaders in elevating their team’s communication, motivation, and performance. Driven by the desire to globally change how we do business, Courtney works with leaders who care about people and the planet and are changing the way they operate themselves and their organizations. She is best known for inspiring business leaders to get into a flow state to optimize their leadership and life.  

You will frequently find Courtney adventuring in the mountains, either climbing, biking, paddling, or practicing yoga. In addition to outdoor play with her pup Kalei, she is researching flow state and conducting experiments earning her Ph.D. in Applied Psychophysiology.

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