Family, Meaning, and Entrepreneurship w/ Emilie Given

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In this episode of The Optimized Mind, Dr. Kate talks with entrepreneur and Mom Emilie Given about her journey in building a successful business while maintaining a strong focus on family and meaning in her life. 

Emilie Given is a successful online entrepreneur and virtual assistant agency owner who has been featured in Business Insider, Scary Mommy, and The New York Post.

She founded She’s A Given, a Seattle-based virtual assistant company, in 2018 to be able to spend more time with her family after a near-death experience in childbirth. 3 years after leaving her 9-5 at Amazon Corporate HQ, she built a thriving seven-figure business. 

Emilie is passionate about matching high-level executive assistants with business leaders and their teams and allowing executives to enjoy a life outside of work.

Emilie also hopes to inspire other corporate women to create a career that allows them to focus on passion over paperwork and family over-familiarity.

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