Growth Mindset in Action with Laura Cooke

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In this episode of The Optimized Mind, Dr. Kate talks with Laura Cooke, Founder and CEO of Positive Foundry, a company focused on creating and teaching a strength based model grounded in science, which helps individuals flourish across domains. The discussion highlights the evolution of Positive Foundry, along with the ways in which Laura integrates the principles she teaches into her life and family.  

Through Laura’s many positions in leadership, both in the corporate world and in education, Laura’s true passion has always been about helping people. Her thirst for learning is endless and she finds comfort in both the classroom and boardroom.

She has been trained at the Institute for Positive Education in Australia and the Flourishing Institute and holds a Certificate of Applied Positive Psychology, a BA in Business from Wittenberg University, and an MBA from the Ross School of Business at The University of Michigan.

In previous roles, she was a digital marketing entrepreneur and senior leader at Metatec International running a multi-million-dollar business unit. Most recently she was Assistant Head of The Wellington School and professor of Leadership in Business and Applied Positive Psychology. Laura is a wife to Chris and mother of four girls.

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