High Performance Leadership with Tony Kirton

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In this episode of The Optimized Mind, Dr. Kate discusses principles of high-performance leadership and resilience with Tony Kirton, co-founder of Neurozone.

Tony first arrived in the US in the mid-80s as a transfer within the VW Group to head up marketing for Audi of America. He had previously been head of marketing for the VW Group’s South African subsidiary. Five years later Tony was offered the VP Sales job for the VW Group in the UK. There he had responsibility for sales of all VW and Audi products through a three hundred strong dealer network. From there he was actively recruited to join the Management Board of BMW’s South African subsidiary. With responsibility for sales, marketing, customer service, distribution, and motorsport, Tony also served as Chairman of a group of five large BMW owned and operated dealerships.

Other life experiences include developing an IMAX Theater in Charleston, SC, founder and CEO of a brand strategy and design firm in Scottsdale, AZ. These experiences ultimately led to a transition to the brave new world of neuroscience.

In 2011, Tony co-founded Neurozone in Cape Town, South Africa with neurologist and cognitive neuroscientist, Dr. Etienne van der Walt. Developers of the Behavioral Code for Resilience and High Performance, Neurozone has assessed and generated personalized reports for thousands of participants. These include business leaders and their teams, executive coaches, physicians, students … and, in partnership with an Australian company, people with disabilities.

Tony lives near Detroit, MI working as a resilience and high-performance readiness coach and consultant. His primary role is to develop industry partnership opportunities for Neurozone in the US and Canada.

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