Holiday Hustle vs. Holiday Drought

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Is your cash register “thirsty” after mid-November?

What is Grey Friday marketing?

Satin bed sheets are the new…

Join your hostess Le’Keisha Mazur as she talks about Holiday Hustle vs. Holiday Drought.

The holiday hustle is generally, you are getting your hustle on. Clients and customers are buying what you are selling.

You are making hand over fist so much cash this holiday season that it almost makes up for the almost year-long cashflow drought or roller coaster of profits that you were probably experiencing.

On the flip side of that title. You’ve got a holiday drought. You’re dry. Your cash register is thirsty.

You can stay in business, and you can keep the lights on, but now you might be digging into your cash reserves if you didn’t make your marketing budget to be what it needed to be.

And those marketing activities that you invested in might not be working the way you thought they would.

There are tips and tricks and a shocking story in this episode to tickle your holiday delight. Everything is actionable if you actually do them! Let this episode quench your thirst for answers and get you out of the holiday drought and into the holiday hustle.

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