Host Srini Pagidyala Introduces the Mission of His New Podcast: Inside Innovator’s Mind – A Customer Engagement Podcast

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Technology Entrepreneur,  Srini Pagidyala is the co-founder of Aigo.ai. He describes his technology platform as  “Chatbot with a Brain.” This tech innovator will be launching a customer engagement podcast called Inside Innovator’s Mind.

Pagidyala says, “We are bringing together the top 25 most innovative and bold leaders. These are the executives from most successful organizations in North America who are using technologies to create a level of engagement with their customers and employees that was just not possible before.” He firmly believes that organizations today are in the business of delivering an experience to their clients.

I believe that we are living in an experience economy. Whether you have a product or a service, you are delivering an experience that is highly valued by your customer.” So, what separates successful organizations from the rest in this experience economy?  Pagidyala says, “Successful businesses have figured out how to deliver engaging experiences and they are doing this at scale.”

Pagidyala’s podcast will help you to understand why these engaging experiences are critical in today’s market. “It delights customers. It instills trust. They [positive experiences] instill empathy in every interaction,” he says. In addition, he will explore what constitutes an engaging experience. The first one is hyper-personalization. Customers are demanding, “Get to know me, learn my preferences, understand my needs and goals and contextually prompt me,” stated Pagidyala with confidence. He further explains that it is what today’s customers want. “Whether it is a loan application or an insurance claim, gift shopping or making an appointment with your physician, hyper-personalization is a must and minimum for every business.”

The customer engagement podcast topics also discuss the need for a real-time response from organizations to increase engagement. Pagidyala suggests, “Next to hyper-personalization is the ability to respond in real time 24/7 to fully address the customer request.” He reflects on the most recent Glance report “That 78% of customers backed out of a purchase because of the long wait times and poor customer experience. So, if you are making your customer wait, you are most likely going to lose that customer.” Host, Pagidyala is certain that his podcast guests will delve further into this critical aspect of business.

Some of the critical takeaways from the podcast include:  “How are companies delivering hyper-personalization at scale to millions of customers or thousands of employees? And be available 24/7 to take care of them, knowing their history, their preferences, their needs and their goals? How are they driving business outcomes from these experiences?” Discover how to create highly engaging experiences by listening to the bold and innovative leaders on Inside Innovator’s Mind, A Customer Engagement Podcast.

Listen to Srini Pagidyala’s introduction here:

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