Jeff Kuhn, Business Coach and Trainer, Interviewed by Host Angelo Cruz on the CyberCEO Podcast

Jeff Kuhn, Entrepreneur, Realizes the Successful System of Cyberbackers’ Virtual Team Offerings and Becomes a Cyberbacker Franchise Owner

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Baltimore, MD – Jeff Kuhn is a business coach and trainer with Business MAPS. He has also embarked on the entrepreneurial path as a franchise owner of Cyberbacker in Maryland, D.C. and Delaware. As the owner Jeff is the point person for that franchise. He is enthusiastic about this new venture of helping business owners increase their leverage with virtual team members. “It is super exciting for me. I get a lot of calls inside of the Cyberbacker family. There’s a lot of experience there [to assist business owners],” said Kuhn.

Kuhn’s background in real estate launched his relationship with Cyberbacker. “I came in as a team leader/office manager at Keller Williams. ItThis is where I first heard of Cyberbacker. It was through agents and Keller Williams MAPS coaches,” he recalled. Working in this role, he realized that he also wanted to further the success of agents and began his own business working as a coach. “I wanted to help real estate agents, real estate ancillary businesses, and any business out there to be successful by helping them leverage their time through consulting services,” he shares.

However, in this role, he also became more familiar with the strengths of having a virtual team member, and Cyberbacker became his competition as a coach. Further investigation confirmed that Cyberbacker had a successful system and may be the answer for his entrepreneurial endeavors. “I was pretty impressed with the system you [Cyberbacker] have worked out. It didn’t take too long until I realized that I could use Cyberbacker for leverage to help myself too.”

Kuhn realized he needed the right focus to increase his business success in previous endeavors. “Where I had it wrong is that I was having my virtual assistants focused on the 20%. When you take the big things off from the owners, the business stops growing. We should have been focused on the 80%. That is what makes me think of Cyberbacker,” stressed Kuhn.

According to Kuhn, when the leader is relieved of the administrative tasks, they can focus on revenue- generating tasks. “The business continues to grow because they are focused on the primary and optimal pay rate. Owners need to focus on growing, client development, and client happiness,” Kuhn explained. He further confirmed that hiring the cyberbacker opened opportunities for a leader and that “generating revenue makes a business grow.”

The virtual leverage that Kuhn has gained in his own business using a cyberbacker and owning a franchise has been life-changing. “I gained a quality of life that I hadn’t seen in a decade,” he said gratefully.

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In this podcast, the host covers the following:

  • What is your role in the business, Jeff?
  • How long have you been in real estate?
  • What was the first thought that came to mind when you hear the word cyberbacker?
  • Do you think that a relationship with someone in the office is different fromthan someone who is virtual?
  • Even though you have a virtual team, do you agree that you can still build a strong virtual partnership, correct?
  • In your opinion, what is the best part of Cyberbacker?
  • What piece of advice can you give other business owners who are partnering with a Cyberbacker?

About the Podcast Host and Guest

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