John Knicely: Authenticity and Storytelling

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On this episode, Host Jason Shupp talks with former news anchor John Knicely. They discuss the driving forces that lead John into broadcasting and what makes for a successful anchor. He shares his entrepreneurial transition and the power of stories. And yes, funny broadcasting stories are shared.

John Knicely is husband to Melanie and father to Maverick. He’s an Emmy Award and Murrow Award-winning journalist who uses authentic stories to drive culture and generate business for organizations. His company, VITA LUX Agency, gives life and light to authentic stories that are used strategically to achieve your goals. The words “life and light” are a reference to John’s deep relationship with Jesus Christ, and he focuses on building relationships based on authenticity and vulnerability. John enjoyed a successful 17 years as a news anchor/reporter in major markets, including St. Louis (KMOV News 4), Dallas-Fort Worth, Seattle, and Charlotte. John always maintained a strong interest in the business. And he’s found the perfect combination in storytelling for businesses where he can use his journalism skills to help find and clearly communicate impactful stories.

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