Ken Goldberg – The Psychology and Systems of an Investment Innovator

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Investment innovator Ken Goldberg talks with host Jason Shupp  about how his atypical, yet well-rounded education and experiences shaped his career. He shares insights about objective discipline, following the system, the psychology of finance, and the foresight of mania vs. depression.

Ken Goldberg is a Registered Investment Advisor with four decades of broad investment and trading experience. Some of his career highlights include:

1980’s: Drexel Burnham Lambert. Chicago Board Options Exchange.

1990’s: Citicorp. Merrill Lynch International Private Bank (Singapore). Bank of America Investments. CNBC appearance discussing objective decision support tools to let the public compete with institutions. Sold the company shortly after the interview.

2000’s: Trained thousands of traders and investors on objective decision support tools. Co-founded and sold AlgorithmX and Abaci hedge funds. Won the World Cup Trading Championship.

2010’s: Co-founded and sold Six Thirteen Capital hedge fund. #1 read contributor at TheStreet and Real Money with a million views per month. Released DSE methodology to investors and traders for speculation, risk management, and alpha.

2020’s: Private membership twitter feed. LEVELING THE PLAYING FIELD weekly podcast. DSE Advisors.

Ken’s work in behavioral finance, and the herding behavior of crowds has led him to lecture at UNC Chapel Hill, and Seattle University School of Business. Ken also consults attorneys, business owners, and entrepreneurs regarding futuring, and pop culture trend forecasting.

To learn more about Ken, visit:

Blog: www.dseadvisors.com 

Website: www.dsetrading.com

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640.CALLDSE (225-5373)

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