Marketing on Wheels – Parade Edition part 1

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Do you love a parade?

How is your community outreach going?

How do you market on wheels and make it to the next level?

Join your hostess Le’Keisha Mazur as she talks about Marketing on Wheels -Parade Edition part 1

This is part 1 of a two-part episode. So the next episode after this will have the other half of the lesson. Don’t think that you have to wait until the next episode; you need to listen to this first.

Some may just drop off right here and figure if you wait until the next episode, you can binge-listen. A good thought in theory, but don’t rob yourself of this episode.

I went to the annual city Christmas parade with my husband (who is also my business partner), And I was super interested in scoping out how to actually be in a parade.

I never thought about it before. But how cool is it to advertise your product or service to the community by letting it be known in a parade with your vehicle?

You will hear what it takes from the getting started standpoint. You will hear some of the recorded fireside chat with co-owner Tyrone Mazur. Get the scoop on how to be a vehicle all-star in a parade.

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And she looks forward to bringing you more “Overlooked Business Basics.”

“Because once it’s revealed, it cannot be concealed”. Until next time, she’s your hostess Le’Keisha Mazur. Have a great day!

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