Not Using this 4 Letter Word Delays your Success

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Le’Keisha Mazur, host of the Business Basics podcast shares a story about the time she went to a Home and Garden Show Expo.The punchy story contains a short process of how event marketing is done. She tells of things needed if you wanted to try it and how it should all come together if you do it properly.

She reveals a strategy using an acronym proved very useful in event marketing and gives feedback on what could have been done to avoid the issue if she was the business owner at the show. If you are into note taking, you are in for some gems. One listen is not going to do it. This is a rich ear value that requires a pen and paper from the very start!

If you are not into note taking, then you can easily binge this episode over and over as you put different things into action.

“because once it’s revealed, it cannot be concealed.” 

Her call to action is Subscribe to the show and the extra credit is to go on over to legalhelp4biz.com to see how they’re making a difference in the lives of people with their services.

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