Phil Nadeau: Being on set and in-sight

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Motion picture/studio production expert Phil Nadeau talks with host Jason Shupp about his deep dive into the industry.  Phil shares how he found his passion.  He talks about the value of mentors, learning to be professional, and the importance of being available.

Phil Nadeau is a veteran of 30 years in the motion picture/video production industry.  During that time, he has worked in many facets of the business; including sound engineering, lighting, camera operations, rental operations, production consultation, product sales representation, and video streaming.

In building a loyal customer base, Phil balances understanding the relational dynamics of his clients with the need to be extremely technical in an industry that demands precision.  Phil is a technical thinker, problem solver and communicator.

His educational background is from the University of Missouri with a BA in Radio & Television Communication, with additional studies in Computer Science.

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