Sucking Up Too Much Information and Doing Nothing With It

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Your hostess, Le’Keisha Mazur, gives you the deets on Sucking up too much information and doing NOTHING with it.

She gives you some reasons why we do it. Three lessons on how to curb yourself from doing it and how to stop it from spreading in your organization. And before you deny this concept, she will give you some quick examples of how you have encountered this very situation and found yourself twisted in it like a sticky spider web.

Truth is stranger than fiction as she guides you through this episode. No twists and turns here, just loving guidance to get what you need, when you need it, and execute to save the time and money you started on the journey in the first place.

Finally, some tips to stop collecting unnecessary information and get out of the rabbit hole, and running your business.

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And She looks forward to bringing you more overlooked “Business Basics.” 

“Because once it’s revealed, it cannot be concealed.” Until next time, She’s your hostess Le’Keisha Mazur. Have a great day!

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