The Courage to Fix – How to Restore Your Broken Relationship

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Part of living life is to be hurt by others. We can’t avoid it. Many of us have been hurt by someone whom we care about at one time or another. We can move on from those hurts by the act of the person who hurt us to reach out and mend that wound. What if that person who did the hurting or wounding is us? What if we are that perpetrator?

On the flip side, many of us have been the perpetrator and wounded where our loved ones are waiting for us to respond to mend that deep relationship. Unfortunately, we fail to do so because we lack the courage to fix the mess and hurt we created. If we can only muster courage to do what is right, we can move forward with our loved one who has forgiven us.

In this episode, we look at knowing how to restore our broken relationship through our courageous initiative to go mend and fix.

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