The Human Side of Leadership with Captain Sandy Yawn

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In this episode of The Optimized Mind, Dr. Kate talks with  Captain Sandy Yawn, who is well-known from Bravo’s hit series Below Deck Mediterranean. The discussion is robust as Sandy shares insights into how she moved through and beyond challenge early in her life to where she is now. Sandy shares invaluable insight into ideas of self-leadership, seeing possibility beyond challenge and maximizing potential. The conversation also focus on Captain Sandy’s recently released book, Be The Calm or Be The Storm: Leadership Lessons from a Woman at the Helm.

Captain Sandy Yawn is a Fort Lauderdale native with over three decades of yachting experience under her belt, Captain Sandy Yawn is one of the most respected captains in the industry. A renowned super yacht captain and mentor in the yachting industry, Yawn is always looking to support crew members to reach their full potential. Sandy knew she wanted her career to revolve around the ocean from an early age and wasn’t discouraged when she discovered yachting to be a male-dominated field. Knowing the difficulties that come with leading an entire team while providing five-star service, she makes it her mission to know everything and every department on the boat.

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