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In our fast-paced world, there is a tension between “being” and “becoming” as a person. We find ourselves navigating two ongoing realities: change and consistency. In the world of philosophy, the study of existence or being is known as ontology. Specifically, “being” is the essence of you as a person. It’s static as what is—will be. Like the shape of a circle, you are who you are, and that can’t be changed. You are like a resilient rock of personality and character. In contrast, “becoming” refers to the essence of you that is dynamic; what is—will change. Like the shape of a line, you are who you will be. You are like a rushing river of passions and dreams.

In this episode, we will be unpacking this notion of “being” and “becoming” and how seeing life through this lens can be helpful with your decision-making and personal growth. Will you be? Or will you become?

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