Turning Dreams into Reality with Jon Meggison

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In this episode of the Optimized Mind, Dr. Kate talks with actor Jon Meggison. The discussion focuses on Jon’s path from a career in sales to a career as a full-time actor. Central themes include — grit, perseverance, resilience and passion to go after your dreams to create a new reality. 

Actor Jon Meggison stars in his first lead film as Eric Olsen on the Amazon Prime original movie A Haunting In Ravenwood (2021) directed by Calvin McCarthy. This film features Eileen Dietz who is best known for her appearances in many horror film roles such as the face of the demon in The Exorcist, Halloween II, Friday The 13th Pt3, just to name a few.

Still new to the industry Jon caught fire in early 2021 where he plays a supporting role of a character named Ryan, in a feature film called Survivors Choice. This film is led by Hollywood actor Eric Roberts known for movies like ‘The Coca-Cola Kid’ (1985), ‘Best of the Best’ (1989), ‘The Specialist’ (1994), and ‘National Security’ (2003.

In his short time in the industry Jon won his first individual award as Best Lead Actor in the film called It Takes Talent (2021) written & Directed by Roleph Dubreus. In his most recent film Jon stars as Porter Watson in the horror film called Conjuring the Beyond. This film is written and directed by Calvin McCarthy and will be released to platforms July 10th, 2022.

Jon has had a lifelong love of basketball and in his spare time he plays in a men’s Basketball league. This is something he enjoys most and it gives him the opportunity to reset and stay connected with his first passion and the friends that he grew up with. He has played from the age of 5 all through elementary, middle school & high school. Another thing that Jon loves to do most is spend time with his family. He has 3 little boys that are the love of his life and he wants to show them that you are never too old to chase your dream and that you can pursue your passion and raise a family.

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