Virtually Impressive vs A Virtual Hot Mess

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In today’s episode of The Business Basics podcast, your hostess Le’Keisha Mazur talks about being Virtually Impressive vs Being a Virtual Hot Mess. She gives 3 lessons with stories and practical applications for each after she reveals the core topic. She will have you nodding your head in agreement with the hot messes that you have witnessed and some you wish you didn’t.

With some logical backstory and etiquette tips (yes, you read that correctly, “etiquette”), you will quickly know if you are virtually impressive or a virtual hot mess. You have been warned; she pulls no punches from her perspective of the etiquette side.

Some toes may get stepped on, but it’s all love to help you not be a virtual hot mess and make your message clear whether you are a host or an attendee. It’s all about the Lights, Camera, and Action in this episode of ear candy.

So thank you for listening and the audience; here is her call to action. Subscribe to the show. She repeats. Subscribe to the show. And here’s her call to action for the people that like extra credit on top of that. 

Go ahead and check out the website, legalhelp4biz.com, to see how they’re making a difference in people’s lives with their services. She looks forward to bringing you more overlooked “Business Basics”. 

“Because once it’s revealed, it cannot be concealed”. Until next time, She’s your hostess Le’Keisha Mazur. Have a great day!

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