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In this episode of the Business Basics podcast, Host Le’Keisha Mazur shares her background. Le’Keisha is a quirky business development advisor with a servant’s heart. She “Reveals” on the podcast overly common and overlooked business basics that business owners skip by being in a hurry to hit the ground running.

She speaks on having guests come on to reveal their overlooked business basics that they’ve discovered in their business. They will be asked:  1) who helped them discover it, 2) how they fixed it.  3) what was their victory because they fixed it.

With these basics revealed it gives you, the business owner some things like better brand recognition, definitely gives you better revenue, and absolutely better customer relations. It’s going to make you an all around better polished business professional. 

The good news is these business basics are easy things to fix once they are revealed. With way too many business owners missing out on these basics, if taught or never taught, they are losing money, losing credibility, and losing potential customers.

This podcast will give business owners, start up or seasoned, the wake up call to the fact that something is broken in the business and they need to fix it now that they know about it.Guests include business professionals and hometown heros. She gives a sample of a revealed basis often skipped in website ownership.

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