Zack Smithey – An Artist’s Reflection

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Artist Zack Smithey talks with host Jason Shupp and shares his pathway to becoming a full-time professional artist.  He discusses the value of reflection, the importance of being what you want to become, and understanding the entrepreneurial side of the art world.

Zack Smithey lives in St. Louis and is an interdisciplinary artist working in many different styles and media with an emphasis on the process. He is also a philanthropist, art collector and community activist.

Smithey believes that the only constant in the universe is change and, in order to stay relevant as time passes, one must be willing to perpetually change, adapt, push boundaries and live outside of your comfort zone. This philosophy heavily influences how he lives his life and his approach to artistic design & production. 

In addition to showing in galleries worldwide, Smithey builds one-of-a-kind luxury functional art + furniture, fashion, paints murals, and designs shipping container homes with an emphasis on creativity. His home is featured on NETFLIX, Amazing Interiors, and has designed the first 3 in the St. Louis area.

You can follow his work on Facebook and Instagram @ZackSmithey or go to zacksmithey.com

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